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Metronews 03/06/22

Emily Ansell
Ivan Arnerich
Caitlin Clarke
Jordan Dunn
Luka Forman
Violet French
Georgie Hanafin
Safiya Mehta-Woledge
Daniel Perese
Harper Rahurahu
Tomas Rice
Avalon Stack
Ruby Turnbull
Ben Ulisse
Alex Vermeulen
Melania Watson

This is the final episode of Metronews 2022. Brought to you by the students of the New Zealand Broadcasting School.

Presenters Melania Watson and Emily Ansell.

Story One + Live Cross (00:39) Luka Forman

Story Two (03:18) Melania Watson

Story Three (05:12) Jordan Dunn 

Story Four (07:36) Ruby Turnbull 

Story Five (09:30) Safiya Mehta-Woledge

Story Six + Live Cross (13:50) Caitlin Clarke 

Story Seven (16:44) Georgie Hanafin

Story Eight (18:40) Ben Ulisse

Story Nine (21:05) Tomas Rice

Director - Kate Fleming

Director Assistant - Avalon Stack

Technical Directors - Rachael Pitts and Ivan Arnerich

Producers - Emily Ansell and Daniel Perese

Associate Producer - Violet French

Post Production Supervisor - Alex Vermeulen

Vision Mixer/Graphics - Jamie Hooker

Sound - Harper Rahurahu

Production Manager - Genevieve Henstock

Special Thanks to Vicki Wilkinson-Baker, Richard Hansen, Masen Ma and Paul Newell