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Jordan Dunn

Kia ora, 

The standard way to begin one of these internship profiles would be to give an anecdote about my journalism experience. I could say everything in my life has built up to this being my dream, that coming to the broadcasting school was the carefully calculated decision to fulfil that dream.

My real anecdote? My mum told me I should do this. 

Before coming to B-school, I genuinely thought that I was hot sh*t and there was nothing I could learn. I just wanted to get my lovely piece of paper and get out.

I could never have anticipated the extent to which I respect and admire my tutors and pupils. This place has surrounded me with inspiring people, which has become my new addiction. When my tutor teaches me the subtle tricks that turn my work from a child’s story to a newspaper article – that is my fix.

This is my drive and what I want to continue.

While I aspire to be like my tutors, I also acknowledge that the world is always moving. My goal is to carry the integrity and expertise of my teachers and apply them to the new world I live in. This is why journalism isn’t just an obstacle to a piece of paper, it has become the reason I want to stick around.

After all, my mum told me I'd be good at it. 

And we all know mums know best.