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Homophobia and harassment still rampant in student culture

Jordan Dunn
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Nelson Pinder has received multiple homophobic comments in the last six months. Many of them because he was wearing this blue sweater.   Jordan Dunn

University of Canterbury student, Nelson Pinder, says he no longer feels safe as a queer man in Christchurch, after he and a friend were verbally harassed by people driving past them last Friday.

Pinder said they were walking down Maidstone Road near the university, when one car full of people said something along the lines of, "up the a**," while driving past. 

The second car came a few minutes later, honking and displaying general rowdiness towards the the two. 

The following Sunday, Pinder posted to the university's student association noticeboard on Facebook and said the constant verbal abuse was changing the way he and others viewed the city.

"I never get upset at idiots shouting idiocy, it just adds up to a feeling of not being safe," said the post. 

In an interview with Pinder, he said he didn't expect it would have happened in Ilam - a suburb with a strong student culture. 

"At least some of them would have been students," he said.