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Melania Watson

Kia ora, I am a second-year journalism student from the New Zealand Broadcasting School with a growing passion for telling balanced, compassionate and honest stories.

Being a hardworking and motivated individual I am always on the search for new challenges, whether that be through television, radio and writing.

I thrive in having determination, creativity and organisation within the workplace, while always having a positive attitude and smile on my face.

Throughout my time at the Broadcasting School I have done reporting for Metro News and Plains FM, and have been an author of the student magazine Waha Kōrero.

I am ambitious and eager to take on every opportunity thrown my way, and am always brimming with new story ideas.

I believe I would be a great addition to your newsroom.


Linkedin: Linkedin Profile


Ara Foundation - 610

Here is the content we have created for the Ara Foundation. It covers the brief and follows the proposal by showcasing the foundation across all platforms.

Metronews 03/06/22

This is the final episode of Metronews 2022. Brought to you by the students of the New Zealand Broadcasting School.

Metronews 31/05/22

This episode of Metronews is brought to you by the students of the New Zealand Broadcasting School