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Pitopito Kōrero: Episode 4

Emily Ansell
Jordan Dunn
Kenzie Jennings-Gruar
Cameron Joe
Safiya Mehta-Woledge
Daniel Perese

Pitopito Kōrero is a student driven current affairs show based in the great Ōtautahi. We cover everything local and shine spotlight on some of the incredible people that make this city their home.

Episode 3 of Pitopito Kōrero - brought to you by 2nd journalism students at the NZ Broadcasting School.

In this episode our top team of journalists cover cruise ships, airports, golf prodigies, and mysterious looking rocks on our beaches.

Credits: Host - Cameron Joe

Producer - Jordan Dunn

Reporting Team: Daniel Perese, McKenzie Jennings, Emily Ansell, Safiya Mehta-Woledge.

Supervisor - Jeff Hampton

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The fourth episode of the student-run current affairs show - Pitopito Kōrero