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Metronews 2/6/21

Lucy Bendell
Jessica Dermody
Nic Duff
Tommy Flavill
Gerrit Gray Doppenberg
Lachie McLeod
Pierre Nixon
Victoria Stevens
Jessica Swan
Claudia Toxopeus

This episode of Metronews is brought to you by the students of the NewZealand broadcasting school

Story One +Live Cross (3:55) Lucy Bendell 

Story Two (7:05) Victoria Stevens 

Story Three (9:07) Claudia Toxopeus

Story Four + Live Cross (13:05) Lachlan Mcleod

Story Five (15:58) Jessica Dermody 

STUDIO IV (18:20) Jessica Swan 

Story Seven (23:15) Nicholas Duff)

Story Eight (25:15) Gerrit Doppenberg

Story Nine (27:05) Tommy Flavill

Weather (28:37)