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Laura Grigg

Hi, I’m Laura Grigg! I’m 21 years old and was raised in rural New Zealand in South Canterbury. Growing up on a farm, I learned a lot about time management, patience and coping with adversity. Skills that have hugely helped me being a Journalist. I am a creative person, love to paint and enjoyed my prior study in marketing.
I have a genuine strong passion for writing and communicating with people.  There are so many stories out there and everyone has the right to be heard. People can get caught up in their everyday lives but the media changes that and shines a light on someone else’s world.
I am a proactive, hard working, adaptable team player looking for an opportunity in the media industry.


NYUBD: Skater Girl

NYUBD - a web series focusing on minority sports. We have New Zealand's very own five-time Asia-Pacific downhill skateboarding champion.