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Refugees need attention and funding - Bridges

Laura Grigg
Simon Bridges at Ara  Lucy Henry

Simon Bridges spoke with New Zealand Broadcasting School students before visiting the Canterbury Refugee Re-settlement Centre.

The National Party leader was there this afternoon to "show his solidarity with the people there and to support the great work that they do". 

"Obviously in light of what happened in the last few weeks, it'll be a very timely and interesting visit," Bridges says.

He says time, attention and funding is how we could re-settle refugees better in the future. 

"It requires all of those things... money used in a sort of spray and walk away is not going to get you there."

Bridges says some examples of our refugee resettlement has worked well, others not so much.

He says there will always be a debate around how many refugees New Zealand should take on. 




Simon Bridges - Refugee Quota in NZ

Simon Bridges talking about New Zealand's Refugee Quota