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Tobias Macintosh

You’ve got a story and I’ve got a story, but they are completely different, and I’ve always found that fascinating.

NZBS has given me the opportunity to strengthen passions that I knew I had prior, and allowed me to learn important aspects to better myself as a hopeful journalist.

Throughout my time here I have made key contacts throughout various topics which has lead me to produce an array of stories in long form, TV and radio news.

For me it’s about growth and pushing yourself. Every chance I get I throw myself into achieving something new and a bit outside the box. This includes travelling to Kaikoura to do a TV story on sustainable zip lines, a video journalism piece on a kiwi Olympian or a long form focused on kiwi police in Australia.

Personally I am proudly half Danish and fluent in the language. Raised in Wellington, I had the chance to live in Denmark for a few years prior to year 10.

I strive on my communication, organisation and ability to overcome challenges. Learning and working towards bettering myself as a journalist everyday.

My name is Tobias Macintosh and I have a burning passion for understanding the world we live in.