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Incubus and Live make Tuesday feel like a Friday

Tobias Macintosh

REVIEW: It is hard to not ‘Wish You Were Here’ as Incubus and Live rocked the socks off Christchurch last night.

Incubus Tobias Macintosh 02042024
Incubus rocked out in Christchurch last night TOBIAS MACINTOSH/NZBS

The fact it was a Tuesday night didn’t stop a near sold-out Wolfbrook Arena from getting their dance moves on in a musical throwback to the nineties.

The night kicked off officially at 6:10 as Kiwi duo Midwave Breaks took to the stage to get everyone warm in what was already a toasty floorspace. They play a modern take on the soundtrack of their youth, which is exactly what it felt like.

The vibe stayed high as the tension for Incubus’ arrival on the stage grew. Everyone was keen to have a chat and share their own memories involving the music to come.

Incubus took to the stage not long after 7 to an eruption from the crowd as they played the opening riff to ‘Quicksand’. What followed was 75 minutes of nostalgia from many as they played hits from their late nineties and early 2000s catalogue.

Telling us how much they love being back “down under”, a comment that could result in some lifted eyebrows, lead singer Brandon Boyd stood up to ensure the crowd was having a good time, which was met with a roar from the crowd.

They finished with their big-time numbers of ‘Drive’, which made it big time after appearing on the soundtrack for the 2007 animated film Surfs Up, and ‘Wish You Were Here’. Both proved to be massive sing-alongs with everyone swaying and losing their voices early into the new week.

If that wasn’t enough to get the blood pumping, the sweat dripping and bodies moving there was still over an hour of Live, who were in fact playing live.

Live Tobias Macintosh 02042024
Live finish the night with a 14 song set TOBIAS MACINTOSH/NZBS

It was a feeling that embodied freedom and uniqueness as everyone let loose and enjoyed themselves when Live stormed the stage holding no one up as they kicked straight into ‘Hold Me Up’ 

They played a high-energy set stopping only a few times to make sure we were still okay and enjoying ourselves. Lead singer of Live Ed Kowalczyk said “It is such an honour to be able to start our tour in such a beautiful place” as they played songs like ‘The Dolphins Cry’ and ‘Overcome’. A performance that had a faint tint of REM, a powerful nod to their 90s roots.

Finishing with ‘I Alone’ and ‘Lightning Crashes’ calling it a “prayer or meditation or whatever” people left Woolfbrook Arena with no voices, sore legs, a reminiscent throwback and probably wondering how on earth they were meant to continue their working week after something as awesome as that.