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Taking a walk through your minds labyrinth

Claudia Toxopeus
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Labyrinth in the Library exhibition  Christchurch City Libraries

Tūranga has invited the public to take a walk through their own creative landscape, with their recent exhibit, Labyrinth in the Library.

The Labyrinth, an installation by artist Robyn Webster, explores the landscape of the mind through creativity.

The exhibit incorporates several woven harakeke accompanied by music created from the artist’s recorded brain activity. 

Robyn Webster says creating is an exploration of the unknown, akin to that of a mythical labyrinth. 

Members of the public are encouraged to immerse themselves in Webster's work and contemplate their own creative processes. 

A weaving workshop with Webster will take place on July 26, allowing audiences to create their own collaborative piece.

Audiences have described the Labyrinth as earthy, dark and friendly. 

Rachel Crawford said the exhibit challenged and motivated her.

"It made me think about how I process my life, about making and creating, about interwoven life experience, and how they can be made into physical pieces."

Tūranga recently implemented a feedback survey about the exhibition. 

The feedback was highly positive, with visitors commenting that they appreciated the palpable nature and peacefulness of the exhibit. 

Labyrinth in the Library closes on August 2.

Labyrinth in the Library exhibition
Labyrinth in the Library exhibition