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New lobby group to support responsible kiwi drinkers

Maegan Thompson
Maegan Thompson
A new initiative to support Kiwi drinkers  Alice Webb-Liddall

A new alcohol initiative has been launched that claims to stop the stigma around New Zealand's drinking culture.

The Alcohol Beverage Council claims it is representing the 80% of people who drink alcohol. 

The council is funded by alcohol retail providers across the country. 

Executive Director Nick Leggett said Kiwis enjoy a drink and we need to support this.

He wants to produce a positive image for people that drink responsibly, and take the focus off the 20% of irresponsible drinkers. 

"Being a voice of the people who like to go out and have a beer or wine, and drinking communities who drink responsibly, is important," Leggett said.

AA's Road Safety Senior Communications Advisor, Dylan Thomsen hopes this won't raise the numbers of drink drivers.

"The AA's biggest concern is people drinking and then going out and driving on the roads," he said.

Leggett said the initiative is aimed at all ages, but in particular, young people.

"Young people should have a voice and feel like its a balanced argument," he said. 

Leggett claimed that young people are more health-conscious these days, meaning they want to drink less.

Thomsen said the largest age group involved in drink driving accidents are aged between 15 and 24 years old. 

The initiative hopes to balance the debate when it comes to Kiwis and their heavy drinking. 




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