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Woolston Night 'n Day is still targeted seven months on

Annabel Kean
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Ferry Road Night 'n Day  Annabel Kean

Night 'n Day said they have invested tens of thousands into security to guarantee their staff's safety.

The Woolston Night 'n Day on Ferry Road has been robbed eight times over seven months - most recently Wednesday morning last week.

Franchise Manager David Lee said he was doing all he could. The store spent over $26,000 on security since the first robbery last year, including the edition of a safe room, a panic alarm and a new, more secure cigarette cabinet.

Lee said he knew the thieves were after tobacco, but he did not understand why the Woolston store was repeatedly targeted. Arrests were made in connection with the pre-Christmas robberies, but despite this he said it started back again this year.

David Lee did not think closing at night would make a difference, because opportunists robbed the store any time of day.

Lee said he noticed a greater police presence and would be talking to Worksafe NZ today to work towards a solution.