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NotifyMe: THE MOVE

Aaron Dahmen

Where to go? What to study? All big decisions. How can you make sure it doesn't get too much?

Deciding you’re going to take a gap year is easy - figuring out what to do on it, takes some heavy planning. Fear not, @notifymenz is here to help! If you’re looking to travel overseas then you have a few options, you can strike out on your own (which can cost quite a bit of money) or you can choose to go through a company. Going on an exchange, volunteering or doing a work programme allow you to save earn and see the world at the same time. They’re also a great way of meeting other people in the same situation and locals - who can show you around. As an added bonus, if you work on a ski field or at a surf shop, you can get discounted or even free gear to use on your days off... not too shabby, right?

Helpful places to start your search: