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Aaron Dahmen

For as long as I can remember, I have been captivated by the way stories are told... and intrigued with the roles people play to make our world what it is. My dream is to be part of that storytelling process.


I'm a bubbly and energetic 19-year-old creative in his second year studying Broadcast Journalism at the New Zealand Broadcasting School. I have a variety of experience in the media, both as an entrepreneur and practitioner.


I am currently the Social Media Officer for Mainland Football and Waha Kōrero Chief Editor at Ara Institute of Canterbury. I also write for Tearaway Magazine, host web series Under the Radar and am the youngest premier-tier Spalk broadcaster. I founded TADS, a New Zealand-based digital media network, in 2015.


You'll very rarely see me without a smile (the headshot above is an exception). 


With prices at an all-time high, finding affordable options can be difficult. But does that mean you'll be paying too much for too little?

On the poverty line

Food parcel demand in Christchurch has reached an all-time high and the Salvation Army is calling for more help than ever.