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Aaron Dahmen

Taking care of the environment is everyone's problem. Simple as that.

EXTRA: You’re the problem. Spooky, I know - it is Halloween after all. If you’re the select few that are very careful about what’s recycled and what isn’t, then congrats you can look away now (please don’t though, we like the attention). Stray plastics are a huge problem as once they arrive in landfill, they don’t leave. In one year alone, we sent 3.156 million tonnes of waste to landfill. In New Zealand, we are way behind, with levy’s 1/12 of what they are in the UK. If it cost a heck of a lot more to dump rubbish in the landfill, would we all still do it? We just don’t want to end up like the ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’ - an island of rubbish twice the size of Texas. So a bit of advice - put your chocolate bar wrapper in the bin, everything helps, don’t want our ocean to be like theirs #NotifyU