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Not everyone is happy with forthcoming 5G rollout

Finlay Dunseath

But Spark mobile network manager says your microwave is more dangerous than 5G.

News of the imminent rollout of the network has been met with opposition from some, who fear the frequency used for 5G can damage their health.

Some, who strongly oppose the rollout, have formed groups and pages on social media to effects they believe 5G will have on people, wildlife and vegetation. 

The 5G-Free New Zealand Facebook page contains many posts to that effect.

Public awareness of 5G and the possible dangers it poses to health is not only essential, full knowledge of microwaves before entire communities are are exposed to them; full transparency is a right.

Posted by Susan Sutcliffe on Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Spark mobile network operations team leader Raven Garcia said "your microwave would probably be more dangerous [than 5G]".

Garcia said Spark would shut down the network if it noticed any danger.

With the growing market for emerging applications such as 4K and 8K streaming, automated manufacturing, virtual and augmented reality, the industry's hunger for higher bandwidth and lower latency rates is constantly growing.

The 5G network will aim to provide these capabilities through its transmission of previously unused high powered short wavelength frequencies.

High wave bands cover much less distance but are able to carry much more data, with the objective to increase the data transfer rate over small densely populated areas.

Due to the short transmit distance of the waves, a large amount of small cell towers will have to be installed within a range of around five hundred meters of each other. This will ensure consistent coverage and reduce data congestion.