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SPCA pushing to find fur-ever homes

Ava Whitworth
SPCA Christchurch
SPCA Centre Manager Natasha Sutton  Ava Whitworth

The Christchurch SPCA is encouraging people to adopt or get behind their centre.

SPCA's Christchurch Centre is the oldest established SPCA in New Zealand and has been around since 1872.

With approximately 40 dedicated staff and over 500 incredible volunteers, the Christchurch Centre is the largest in the Southern Region.

They work hard to provide support to other centres ensuring better outcomes for NZ animals. The Centre’s primary focus is animal welfare, which includes adoption and rehabilitation. They also have a small retail shop onsite with 100% of profits going back into helping the animals.

Currently, the Christchurch SPCA has 546 animals in care, 294 of those are on-site and 252 are in foster homes.

The centre's manager, Natasha Sutton, says they have definitely had a recent influx of animals. 

SPCA Kittens for Adoption Ava Whitworth

She says, usually going into winter, they see numbers drop, however, in the last few years, including this year this hasn't been the case. They have been receiving what they call “summer numbers” Which is a large increase in pets in their centre that usually happens around summer.

The centre isn't straying away from the idea that the cost of living may be playing a part in this. It has always been expensive owning a pet, but with inflation booming it can be tougher than pet owners expect. Many who have adopted, can longer continue to own a pet which leaves the centre very occupied. 

SPCA Centre Christchurch
SPCA Christchurch Ava Whitworth

Natasha says the centre is urging people who are willing and in the right position too, to adopt if they can

Adoption is very important currently, as not only in Christchurch but nationwide, SPCAs are in an adoption slump. They are seeing an increase in animals but sadly a decrease in adoptions. 

If people who are wanting to support the centre are not in a place to adopt, volunteer work is much encouraged and appreciated. 

“We thrive and survive with our volunteers”

The volunteer work includes but is not limited to, fostering pets, cleaning cages, walking dogs and much more. “It's a great way to get involved”, Natasha says.


The centre deals with ups and downs which means everyone's jobs are crucial. 

Neglect and abandonment of animals is a very prominent issue nationwide, hence why the SPCA has a three-pillar scheme. The pillars are Education, Intervention and care afterwards. They are very focused on enforcing good rehabilitation and finding forever homes through this strategy.

Education is a very key factor when it comes to both working and adopting the animals. Through their website, they have educational resources, kids-portal and in-centre support and resources for those looking to adopt. They start educating young with in-school education as well to make sure young children understand the responsibilities of owning and taking care of a pet. 

All the pets that are available for adoption can be viewed on their website.

SPCA Christchurch