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Lunar Intruder release new EP 'Outerworlds'

Hannah Powell
Lunar Intruder began while the four were at University of Canterbury  SUPPLIED

Ōtautahi band Lunar Intruder has released their new EP 'Outerworlds'. The second in their collection, bandmembers Cam Buyers and Matt Genet discuss how they have found their alt psychedelic sound.

Hailing from Ōtautahi Christchurch, the band is an indie-rock four-piece featuring Cam Buyers (vocals and guitar), Matt Earle (lead guitar), Tom Spillane (drums), and Matt Genet (bass).

Post-release, the band is busy.

"We have just finished our second EP, and we've just been writing heaps of songs – new songs, better songs," Genet said. "We've found our sound."

Releasing their seven-track EP 'Outerworlds' on July 9, the EP explores various experiences blown up by the mind. 

"Every song is an exaggeration," Buyers said.

"[Certain things] are always kind of small, but in our heads, it's always kind of exaggerated."

Genet describes the sound as interplanetary. Think a sci-fi romance in space.

Their recent singles 'Angel' and 'Ready to Know' certainly reflect that.

It’s a sound different to their first EP. Genet describes ‘Solar Hangover’ as a sound where they were trying to be a band that they weren’t. Trying to do the “backyard band kind of thing”, they missed how they were feeling.

Taking a more alternative psychedelic direction, they’re making songs they feel better connected to.

Students at the University of Canterbury, the band came from humble beginnings. When Genet put the word out on the TuneSoc noticeboard for a jam, he and Cam were already in other bands.

Two years later, and the four-piece have won Battle of the Bands, played UC events Summer Stein and Tea Party, and hosted a handful of memorable backyard gigs.

It was never meant to be anything serious, Genet said, but it’s turning out for the best.

“We just kept going, and here we are”.

Supporting a handful of bands in the local scene, you’ll see them both on stage and in the crowd.

Playing with the likes of Mako Road, The Butlers, There’s a Tuesday, The Raddlers, and Castaway, they did a nationwide tour with Kimono earlier this year.

Still feeling like they have ways to go, they’re grinding their way to get out there. They’re one to watch this year.

With a backyard gig upcoming to celebrate ‘Outerworlds’, there's much to look forward too.

It’s not over yet. The neighbourhood Spacemen say EP number three is what’s next.