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Hot Water Bottle Injuries on the Rise

Laura Grigg
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With winter fast approaching, hot water bottles are used across the country to keep kiwis warm, but are we keeping ourselves safe?

Hot water bottle's are becoming a new night time danger according to Accident Compensation Corporation statistics. 

ACC claims for hot water bottle related injury's have been rising each year since 2016.

978 claims were made last year for burns from hot water bottles, the highest in five years.

"Each year the numbers go up and up," says spokesperson from Burn Support Charitable Trust, Michele Henry. 

Michele believes the information on the safety of hot water bottles is limited, and there should be more on it. 

A Student from Canterbury University, Lydia Harper was burnt by her hot water bottle when the air pockets trapped in the bottle, bubbled up and caused water to splash back on to her hand.

"Money was low so heaters and heat pumps were a no go and my room was very damp and cold," Lydia says.

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She thinks there isn't enough information out there on how to safely use hot water bottles.

A consumer adviser from Consumer NZ, Maggie Edwards suggests using a fleece throw or an electric blanket rather than a hot water bottle as there's less risk of scalding.  

Maggie says all water bottles sold in New Zealand must follow the British Standard of manufacture.

She said to check the neck of the bottle and make sure it is labelled with (BS 1970:2001) as this will comply with the correct thickness of the rubber casing.

Here are some tips by the Burn Support Charitable Trust on keeping safe during hottie season.