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Helmets stop cyclists from hitting the road

Aaron Dahmen
Cyclist on the road  Pxhere

Cycle Action network spokesman says abolishing mandatory helmet use is about giving riders a choice.

Cycle Action development coordinator Will Andrews said some cases need special consideration and should not come under a blanket ban. 

"We can't put every case in the same basket."

Andrews agrees there are many different views on the issue and discussion is rife within the Cycle Action organisation.

He believes the lack of choice around helmet use is stopping cyclists from hitting the road. 

Andrews sees Christchurch as a potential leader in cycle-way infrastructure.

"If you look at developing unicycle routes, the city has a fantastic transport network."

Campaigners across New Zealand are calling for an evidence-based review on helmet safety, and ask officials to consider giving choice to the riders themselves. 

Groups of cyclists will be riding through Wellington on Saturday to protest against blanket helmet laws.

Kiwis currently face a $55 fine for failing to wear a helmet or not having it securely fastened.