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Hang out in Hammock Forest

Jasmine Ng

The latest project from Gap Filler has Christchurch central swinging in a hammock forest.

Welcome to Hammock Forest

Gap Filler has created over 100 temporary projects, events, installations and amenities in Christchurch city, such as the Super Street Arcade, and Dance-O-Mat.

The “forest” is made up of over a dozen large pine logs with four colourful hammocks hanging within.

Project developer Rhiannon Josland said they have received really positive feedback and have already seen a lot of people hanging out in the new space.

“It has proven people do want more spaces in the city where they can just relax and chill out.”

Gap Filler is considering whether they should add more hammocks or remove them during winter.  

“We always wanted the space to work with and without the hammocks so that it will still create an alternative walkway through the logs," Josland said.

"It’s just about seeing how people naturally react to [the weather]," she said.

You can find Hammock Forest on the corners of Manchester St and Hereford St.