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Jasmine Ng

Kia Ora, I'm a second-year journalism student at the New Zealand Broadcasting School. 


NYUBD: A basket case

At just 20 years old, Chelsea Ruiz has represented New Zealand three times for Korfball and is now working towards another world champs.

NYUBD: Get your skates on!

Emma Derrick is a star member of Dead End Derby's Living Dead Rollers team - the highest ranked B team in New Zealand for roller derby.

NYUBD: It's an art

We have Andrew Williamson, NZ's second highest ranked male in Aikido (a Japanese martial art) for episode 9 of Not Your Usual Ball Drop.

NYUBD: He strikes again

Le's get thrown into the fourth ep. of Not Your Usual Ball Drop. We have New Zealand's up & coming Lacrosse striker, Jacob Hall.

NYUBD: Skater Girl

NYUBD - a web series focusing on minority sports. We have New Zealand's very own five-time Asia-Pacific downhill skateboarding champion.