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Short Film: For Lily (Producer)

Ryan Stafford

For Lily features a man under immense pressure trying to balance his dream career with his relationship with his daughter.

For Lily is a film about the internal struggle and personal sacrifice of Ray, a performer who can't seem to equally balance is work life with his personal life, leaving no time to spend with Lily. With his step father Joseph constantly reminding him of his absence and the severe pressure applied by his director Lydia, he must ultimately sacrifice something he loves to maintain his wellbeing.

Filming took place over 3 days, shooting around the Christchurch area and in the Rangiora Town Hall. I was very happy to have booked the Rangiora Town Hall as the presence of a theatre significantly improved the production quality.

Although production had some issues, we learnt an incredible amount over the four week period of planning, filming and editing. We are all happy with the final product and look forward to working on similar projects again in the future.