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Ryan Stafford

Phone: (027) 909-4408

Email: <ryanstafford72@gmail.com>



Creative Profile

As a film and television enthusiast, the broadcasting industry is the place I need to be. To get there, I'm prepared to go above and beyond my requirements to launch my career in the industry.

During my time at NZBS, I've had the opportunity to be a wide variation of roles in both films and music videos, ranging from director to editor. Throughout this experience, I have become very confident when working with cameras and editing software, such as Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro.

My past work includes an Internship with The Edge Hawkes Bay in 2018, which taught me valuable communications skills to take into the industry. I also have had the pleasure of directing a live multi-cam show called Metro News, which is recorded live and aired to a global audience.

My goal is to gain more experience in professional studio environments and have more opportunities with camera operation. Both opportunities will provide the chance to display my filmmaking skillset and will continue to develop my passion and growth as a filmmaker. 

Current First Aid Cert: Yes

Drivers License: Restricted

Short Film: "INSOMNIA" (Creator)

"Insomnia" was filmed in the middle of the night to practice my composition/framing and how I deal with low light. Shot on a Canon EOS M50