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Colourful fashion hit the runway at the IRT Cup day

Layla Bailey-McDowell
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Best-suited Finalist, Kiah Bhogal taking the runway at the Crossing Cup day fashion competition  Layla Bailey-McDowell

On Tuesday over 13,000 people attended the IRT Trotting Day Cup. But it wasn't just the horses turning heads, but the colourful fashion on display.

Over 50 competitors took the runway at the Crossing Cup Day fashion competition, looking to be crowned either best-dressed or best-suited. 

The day was a massive success, with not only the sun turning on the heat, but the competitors also.

We attended the event and had a perfect front row seat to see all the beauty, all the colour and all the detail. And it wasn't just the males dominating in the best suited section, as we spoke with model and best-suited finalist, Kiah Bhogal about what inspired her trendy blue suit.





Best dressed winner, Samara Singh showing off her own designed potae. (made with recycled fabrics)

Best suited winner, Sam Schwartfeger taking the runway.

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