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Tom Mckenzie

G'day! The name's Tom and I'm a second-year Screen & Television Student from Invercargill.

Growing up, I would spend hours and hours locked away in my cupboard creating Stop-Motion films with my Lego figures. It was through these crappy, out-of-focus monstrosities that my love for filmmaking began. Over the following years, my passion for film only continued to grow, leading me to make the best decision of my life and enroll in the New Zealand Broadcasting School.

I've always loved writing and directing. However, until moving to Christchurch the only actors I'd ever worked with were Lego figurines. Since then, I've fallen in love with the collaborative aspect of filmmaking. The sharing of ideas and the back and forth between myself and the actors is a thrill to me.

Looking further down the road, my only goal is to learn and improve. I want to absorb as much information as I can about this industry and hopefully, one day be a part of something great.