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Sophia Hansen

Kia Ora, my name is Sophia Hansen! I have a passion for art, television and all things creative. Growing up as a dancer, I developed a love for the backstage environment which sparked my interest in studio production.

At Broadcasting School, I naturally take on leadership positions such as producer, director, and assistant director on Metro News. I excel in these roles due to my calmness under pressure and communication with others. I'm particularly drawn to the pre-production and production processes, where my attention to detail, problem-solving skills, and organisation shine. I thrive in environments that offer a little adrenaline! 

Having observed a sky sport control room and working on Metro News, I am certain about my passion for television production and I am looking forward to future adventures within the industry!

Feel free to check out some of my work below. 

A Short Documentary: Beyond the Brim

A short documentary I co-directed with Summa Dixon during second year. This project follows a young female comedian (Georgia West Cahill) and her journey in the comedy world. I took the lead in produc…

Music Video: Christmas Dinner (Director)

A music video that I directed for the song, “Christmas Dinner” by local Christchurch artist, Harry Burt. This project was great opportunity to delve into client work and it challenged me to be creativ…

Short Drama: Law of Attraction (Art Director)

“Law of Attraction” is a short drama that I created with my syndicate during second year. My role as art director allowed me to be creative and learn about why certain props and costumes are used and …

Metro News 2023 (Assistant Director)

Metro news was a highlight for me this year! My role as Assistant Director encouraged me to learn about working in a control room and being a part of a larger production. I found that this project str…

The Super Submarine (Director)

A children's show that I wrote and directed during first year! This was my first step into live multi-cam directing which lead to my interest in studio production.


Two Minute Film: Dreamin'

Dreamin' is a two minute short film I created during my first year at Broadcasting School. This was an individual project which gave me the chance to experience many roles, such as, DOP, script writin…