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Sam Coughlan

Kia ora! I’m Sam and I’m a second-year journalist at the New Zealand Broadcasting School. 

I’m a hard-working and passionate person who loves all things news and people. In my time at the Broadcasting School, I’ve learned a lot about the industry and I can’t wait to put my skills into action in the real world.

I’m a natural leader with a lot of experience in various leadership roles and am confident in what I do. 

I’ve always been the person reading the news in my spare time and wants to know everything going on in the world - some of my friends were confused throughout high school when I did this but as soon as I said I wanted to be a journalist they knew it would be a good fit for me.

I have a passion for sports but I also love to talk about social issues and various current events. 

I’d love to join your team and become the best journalist I can be. 

Student Struggles Ep: 5

Sam talks to a careers advisor about how she helps students plan for their future, and a former student who struggled after finishing uni.

Student Struggles Ep. 2

Sam visits a UC mental health advocacy group and a local youth clinic to learn about the work they do. His flatmates weigh in on nutrition.

Student Struggles: Ep. 1

Welcome to Student Struggles! Sam Coughlan discusses maintaining a healthy life balance as a student while juggling study, a job and others.