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Rebecca Brebner

Rebecca Brebner, Christchurch, New Zealand. 

I am a second year journalism student at the New Zealand Broadcasting School with a zest for life and a passion for reporting news stories and current affairs. My journalism style is professional, efficient and succinct. Being an effective communicator and a hardworking member of any team are key to my ongoing success in the field. 

I am currently working alongside Canterbury Rugby League as a Communications Coordinator. I market and report on the league weekly. This role has honed my skills in reporting and videoing live games. My goal is to gain an internship in the arena of sports reporting or general current affairs. I am excited for my future in journalism and look to inform, to challenge and to connect with the New Zealand people.

Email me: rtb0047@arastudent.ac.nz



$42 million to demo red zone

Six years on from the 2011 earthquakes, 200 of the 619 residential red-zoned properties in the Port Hills owned by the Crown are yet to be cleared.