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Omar Arekatera Te Ra

Kia ora my name is Omar Arekatera Te Ra and I am a second-year student in the journalism stream. I can speak basic level Te Reo and my pronunciation is excellent, I am currently on a waiting list for a Māori course to improve my skills. This is something that is important to me.  Being Māori myself, I have grown up with high level speakers and have seen the many benefits Te Reo has brought to their life. 

During this school year I have embarked on the practical side of broadcasting and learnt many new skills that will guide me through internships. I have learnt to locate a news story, gather the facts and compress it into a radio writ which has then led to me reading the news out on live radio. News reading is something I am passionate about because of the exciting and challenging factors that live news brings. 

I am a person who excels in a team setting and is good at taking feedback onboard and learning from my mistakes. 

Another skill I have found to be beneficial is video journalism where I recorded and edited a story using my phone. For this story I found a compelling talent that led me to the New Brighton Power boating club where I was able to get videos and interviews with women who are going to Italy for the World Dragon Boating Championships. Chasing stories is something I have found interesting with this one being no exception. 

I am excited for the opportunities that placement will bring me and look forward to expanding my knowledge in the Broadcasting world. 

Women of Steel off to Italy

The Women of Steel are an Auckland and Christchurch based dragon boating team that have qualified for the world championships in Italy. They face many challenges but continue to work hard.