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Mikayla Wright


Kia ora,

I’ve always dabbled in a variety of interests. My curious and passionate mind has led me through a diverse background including media promotions and working as a crew member on 777 aircrafts. 

Now, I’m in my second year of journalism at the Broadcasting School, where I’ve gained great transferable skills and a clearer understanding of the fulfillment I seek in my career. I aspire to be in a versatile and creative work environment where I can keep learning and challenging myself. 

Something my friends and whānau can account for is my little radar for embarrassment, enabling me to give my all to everything and own my mistakes.

Connecting with people is huge for me, I love story-telling and fostering new and meaningful relationships. I’m eager to dive into an internship and prove myself as a great addition to the team.



Court Theatre PR

I helped produce a radio segment/podcast, promoting work at The Court Theatre.

Waha Korero

I'm a writer for the Ara student mag - take a look at some of my work here!