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Jewel Rangi

Kia Ora Folks!

Since I was little, I've always loved finding out how things work, the behind the scenes was my main passion when it came to TV and Films.

At broadcasting school, I've been able to discover just that. I am a dedicated worker, who likes to look on the positive side and is not afraid of some hard mahi.

From directing short dramas to technical directing on Metro News and editing a music video, I've gained versatile experience. I've also developed my skills in studio and field camera work, and I thrive on embracing new challenges with innovative solutions.

Throughout my studies, one aspect has stood out for me—I absolutely love working collaboratively with others. Not only do I provide positive energy and enthusiasm during those demanding, long-hour days, but I also know how to inject a bit of fun into the mix.  

I am excited to bring my diverse skill set, passion for the industry, and ability to thrive in a team-oriented environment to a professional placement.

Documentary: Toki Man

A story of overcoming identity issues. As a co-creator, I had a hand in preproduction, filming, interviewing and editing.