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Jazlyn Whales

Hi there,

My name is Jazlyn,

I am very passionate about people, storytelling and learning - resulting in Journalism being a career I am very excited and passionate about. 

I am the Editor of the ARA Student Magazine, Waha KĊrero, which I started writing for in my first year of study before progressing to a leadership role within the team. 

I have professional work experience in both a Radio newsroom at Newstalk ZB and a Television newsroom at Newshub. I also have experience working a radio desk at Plains FM for a live radio show. I love the buzz of a Newsroom and thrive in that environment.

During my time at the New Zealand Broadcasting School, I have been able to refine my skills in Journalism - for example, my ANZAC Day story highlights my passion for people and the craft. 

This variety of skills has aided me in striving to be as well rounded as I can be in an industry that is constantly growing and evolving. I want to be as versatile as I can be to ensure stories are continuing to be told for years to come.