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Hugo Cameron

Phone: 027 554 4466

Email: huc0106@arastudent.ac.nz

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I chose journalism to share meaningful stories. I enjoy creating engaging content that keeps a finger on the pulse of Kiwi life and sheds light on important issues that might otherwise go unnoticed.
I strive to create high quality, thoughtful and thorough stories using any forms of media available. My approach to work is professional and dedicated - I’ve worked hard to produce content from local newspaper stories to radio bulletins.
My aim is to put my skills to work in a role where I can face up to challenges and expand my abilities through new experiences in the industry.



Nurses demand pay parity

Over 3000 primary healthcare workers are calling on the government to fund them a pay rise - but the Ministry of Health won't get involved.

Covid-19 update

15 new Covid-19 cases have been announced, bringing the national total of confirmed and probable cases to 1,401.