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Hayden Inglis

Hello, I'm Hayden Inglis.

I love telling stories. I think this is how I ended up at B School, and then majoring in Creative Copywriting and Podcasting writing stunning stories between 15 seconds and 15 minutes. In marketing, I enjoy coming up with interesting, unique, and crazy, stories for clients; getting people excited about the core of the brand through engaging methods. I like to create high-quality pieces in my long-form content that explore and dive deep into any given topic while having some fun along the way through interesting audio devices.

My classmates have described me as fun, creative, hard-working, brilliant, helpful, quirky, respectful, a solid team player and an effective communicator. Don't you need a little bit of that in your life?

A Google Drive folder filled with a bunch of cool stuff I've made for you to check out

Current First Aid Certificate: First Aid in the Outdoors NZQA: 6401/6402

Phone: 022 199 1422