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Harrison McKee

Kia ora, my name is Harrison Elessar McKee, and I am currently a student at the New Zealand Broadcasting School.

Since I arrived in New Zealand from England in 2017, I have been pursuing my passion for classic movies and music production, which inspired me to seek a career in film and TV. Through my studies, I have gained comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience in various aspects of filmmaking, including planning shoots, scripting dialogue, and editing with DaVinci Resolve. These skills have prepared me well for my application to Ara in 2021.

As I progressed throughout my studies and participated in several projects, I discovered my interest in the more technically challenging and creatively charged production areas, such as editing, writing, and technical directing. My meticulous attention to detail, perfectionism, ability to hyperfocus, and open-mindedness have allowed me to thrive under pressure while collaborating effectively with others.

Although socialising can be challenging for me due to Asperger's Syndrome, it has also given me a unique perspective that enhances my ability to process information and provide insightful solutions to problems and situations.

My ultimate goal is to secure a position in the film production industry. An internship would be an invaluable stepping stone towards achieving this objective. I am eager to work with professionals, contribute to the industry, and grow alongside like-minded individuals.