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Emily Twohig

Heya, I'm Emily and I'm majoring in digital and producing this year. I am passionate about what digital entails and creating visually enjoyable content for any audience. My skills lay in Photoshop, Premier Pro, Illustrator and photography. Through persevering with these skills I was lucky enough to land the roll of Digital Manager and producer of ‘Night Fever’ on our station Fever FM.  

I am a diligent student and I pride myself in my attention to detail. B school has taught me organisation and adaptability is key, I thrive under pressure and am a fast learner always up for a challenge adopting new skills. I have also been working at NZME since December 2020 doing promotions and producing on weekends.  

Being exposed to the industry from a young age, B school has always been in the cards and I am excited to see what the next adventure entails!