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Emily O'Hagan

Kia ora, ko Emily O'Hagan tōku ingoa.

I am a second-year journalism student.

Though I have enjoyed my time studying at the New Zealand Broadcasting School, I'm eager to get out into the industry and really experience what journalism is all about.

I have a passion for media and communication and my strengths are in my writing and putting a story together. I feel confident in the process of finding stories but also in editing and post-production.

I am an asset to any organisation due to my positive attitude, strong work ethic and love for learning new things. I also feel broadcasting with a focus on journalism is where I am meant to be.

So far, I have learned a lot about myself and what I am passionate about, for example, people and social issues but I am looking forward to discovering so much more about who I am as a journalist. 

Ka kite anō.