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Davina Zimmer

As a journalist I see myself as a storyteller. Someone who learns about communities and seeks to understand issues, retelling them to help people in making informed opinions.

We live in a world with an incredibly diverse range of ways it’s perceived, but we tend to close ourselves off to those different to our own. Perhaps it's because it can be confronting, confronting to realise the way we believe things to be, may not actually be true.

However I believe stepping away from what’s familiar and feeling uncomfortable in the process is vital in growing as an individual.

In doing this we begin to embrace alternative views, not necessarily changing our own opinion, but broadening our perspective of the world and learning to accept that ours isn't the only one worth a voice.

As a journalist I believe it's a responsibility of mine to lead by example and if there’s one goal I’d like to achieve in my career, it’s to encourage people to join me on the journey of discovery, taking the time to listen, not to answer, but to learn.

Ep. 5 - Armed Attacks

** Disclaimer, this episode discusses armed attacks and gun violence. We speak to people, experts and reporters on armed attacks.

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