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Coby Moratti

Hey! My name is Coby Moratti and jumping to conclusions, I want to be an international sports journalist somewhere around the globe. However, there are some steps I'll have to take along the way and I'm ready for the journey. This dream is something I've held since age 5, my voice first touched radio waves when I was 8.

Here's a few things about me that I am proud of: 

1. I'm from Red Beach, just North of Auckland and heavily involved with the Surf Club up there.

2. Communicating with people is my passion, I back myself to build a relationship with pretty much anyone.

3. I completed the 2024 Hawkes Bay Marathon in just over 4 hours.

Focusing on journalism, I have gathered experience and met some amazing people who I've sponged (asked a lot of questions of). Work experience/sit ins with Claire Sherwood, Nick Bewley and Lesley Murdoch at ZB and Mark Stafford at SENZ radio in Auckland.

Alongside Tobias Macintosh, I have started 'CT Sportstalk' on Plains FM, which is an hour long radio sports show turned into a podcast after broadcast. Aswell as this, I've been a commentary personnel across the UTSNZ events this year which has been a wicked learning experience for me.

Summing up, I have full belief in myself that I can succeed in any role whether TV, Radio or anything either side of that. The future awaits and I'm both curious and excited for what it may hold.

Cheers, Coby