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Charlotte Mulder

The public perspective of what it is to be a journalist ranges from being a pretty face to a government mailman. But I like to think the reality of journalism is telling authentic stories of real people. 

I believe connecting with locals from all backgrounds and ages is the key to representing the diverse country we live in. To be trusted with the peoples stories and create fascinating and balanced recounts of their lives. Publicising the voices that struggle to be heard.

Through Broadcasting School my ability to write, speak and produce has skyrocketed by making mistakes. I want to wake up each day with a new task to conquer, whether thats a drive, flight or simply a walk. I want to have fast turn arounds with endless opportunties in the playing field. I want to thrive in this industry. 

It’s not so much about getting everything right to begin with, but listening, learning and enjoying each opportunity as they come. That’s why I will make a valuable member to any news team.