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Cam Ross

Kia Ora.

I knew I wanted to get into journalism when I took the taster for this course in my last year of high school, and I've been thoroughly enjoying it and learning over the past couple years. Sport interests me and would take up the majority of the media I consume, but I am eager to learn anything that gets given to me as I am up for a challenge.

I enjoy working with people as I am a very social person but get my given task done in the allocated time. I can also work alone and self-direct myself towards a goal, which is a skill I believe I have improved a lot since starting this course. I get my work done to the standard I believe is required and have met all of my deadlines for the time I have been at NZBS.

I have enjoyed all the hands-on assessments we have done this year, in particular our TV news stories. I like getting out and about, going to events, and meeting new people. For one of our last assessments, I decided to go to a crusaders game which I had a blast setting up, recording, and putting the final product together. I am happy to work with whatever gets put in front of me, and am eager to learn anything to help improve my skills.

Feel free to get in contact with my regarding any questions. I really look forward to hearing from you.

My LinkedIn profile is attached below, if needed.