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Asha Molloy

Speech competitions were always my jam. The ability to freely speak my mind and share how I viewed the world with others allowed me to grasp onto the concept of Journalism from a young age. I would watch the news and think “yeah, getting to talk as a job would be perfect for me”.

Since coming into my second year of Journalism I’ve been able to gain the experience to push my ideas further. From testing my skills with filming and editing stories on my phone, to hopping in the radio booth and reading the news to a live audience. I’ve always had a level of curiosity that keeps me on my toes, wanting to gain knowledge and share it with those around me. 

My background has enabled me to connect with others easily. I believe that empathy and fair judgement are qualities that a Journalist should always carry with them. In previous years I pushed myself to learn my dads language, Samoan. I was disconnected with this part of myself for a long time but I believe this is what drives me to relate to others on another level. My knowledge of Gagana Samoa has helped me learn Māori, though I am wanting to expand on this area of knowledge. I am currently on a waiting list for a Te Reo course to improve my skills. 

I was chosen as the voice of Ara’s radio station, Bassline. I stood in the booth for hours repeating the same words for stings, getting pushed out of my comfort zone by getting told to “stop talking like a journo”. My confidence in my speaking abilities has skyrocketed and will only continue to rise.

I enjoy working in a team and look forward to gaining the opportunity to display what I have learnt.

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