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World's best set for Single Fin Mingle

SFM Sunrise2
Competitors head out in the first round of heats at least year's competition  Ambrose McNeill

Long board surfing event held at Sumner Beach is recognised as one of the best of its kind around the world.

The Single Fin Mingle is a traditional long boarding competition featuring 70 surfers celebrating the popular style of surfing which was popular in the 1960's.

Competitors cannot be attached to a leg-rope while gracing the waves, and must ride a board over 9 foot in length and 8 kg in weight. 

The event began in 2015, initiated by Sumner man Ambrose McNeill.

Created by Jono Smit. Supplied by Ambrose McNeill

McNeill said 30 surfers had flown in from Australia, England, Portugal, Hawaii, California and Korea to take part.

"Last year we had nine internationals at the event. To have 30 of the best international long boarders in the world at this year's [event] is really exciting for me."

Single Fin Mingle- Jake Bevan
Last year's winner Jake Bevan hanging ten Ambrose McNeill

McNeill said the Single Fin Mingle is more than just a surfing competition. It was a chance for people to come together to socialise and celebrate their love for long boarding.

The competition begins at 7.30am Saturday and ends Sunday.

Radio interview with Ambrose McNeill

George Berry interviewed McNeill, Organiser of The Single Fin Mingle, which is entering it's third year of existence this weekend.