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Women 'empty' rental accomodation

Elizabeth Thomson
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Christchurch District Court  MetroNews

Two women are facing a jury trial in the Christchurch District Court for burglary of a rental property booked online.

Samadhi Kalita Lucas, 30, and Terangimarie O-Te-Arohuni, 35, are charged with booking holiday homes on various accommodation websites using stolen credit cards. 

Lucas pleaded not guilty in the Christchurch District Court to charges on six counts of burglary, while Jury pleaded not guilty in a previous hearing. 

On June 6, Lucas and Jury allegedly entered a rental property in Sumner and "emptied" it out of its contents.

The pair allegedly stole lounge suites, bedding and white ware valued at more than $100,000 and assaulted a police officer in an attempt to get away.

Police allege Lucas and Jury are connected to a string of holiday home burglaries.

Lucas and Jury were alleged to have used popular booking websites such as Airbnb, and Bookabatch. 

Police have warned anyone using these sites to make sure the people they are lending their homes to are legitimate. 

Police have also urged "anyone who has been a victim of burglary after using an online booking site" to contact their local police station.

Police said in a statement since the arrests that people should ensure the legitimacy of accommodation bookings made online "by asking for a photo identification". They also urged hosts to leave keys to the house with a trusted person. 

Both women will appear in The Christchurch District Court on September 12 for a jury trial as they pleaded not guilty to the charges.