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What's up Ōtautahi? Jamie Gough

James Regan
What's Up Otautahi
  Devon Bolger

Councillor Jamie Gough says he’s planning one hour free parking throughout all CBD carpark buildings.

What's up Ōtautahi? Jamie Gough

With new shopping districts and entertainment facilities popping up all over the city, all that’s left is the people. Gough is proposing all carpark buildings, even ones not council owned,  give one hour free parking.

He said people are put off by expensive and minimal parking and he thinks this is a good solution.

“How amazing would that be? We could say you can go into the central city and there is free parking in every single carpark building.”

He said to get external carpark building owners onboard the council will look into subsidizing their rates in reimbursement.


Central City Business Association Manager, Paul Lonsdale agrees with the incentive but thinks a different approach could be taken.

“A better idea would be validated car parking. That way you reward people for spending some money and this additionally benefits the businesses as well.”

Gough said he hopes free parking will help achieve the council’s goal of 20,000 new residents in the CBD by 2028.