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What's Up Ōtautahi? - Episode 5 - Aaron Keown

James Regan

Devon Bolger sits down with this week's guest Aaron Keown to talk all things Christchurch

"I want us as a council to take a claim to the water in partnership with local Iwi to own the water, it means going forward, the water will be owned by the people of Christchurch, for the people of Christchurch."

Councillor Aaron Keown sat down with Devon Bolger to discuss the city's water.

He said owning the water is the first step to ensure we can keep our water chemical-free.

"you've got one of the best bodies of fresh water in the entire world under our city, and you're going to put chlorine in it? just fix the pipes and leave it"

Listen to the full podcast below for more.

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