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What's up Ōtautahi? Raf Manji

James Regan

Devon Bolger sits down with this week's guest Raf Manji to talk all things Christchurch

"Christchurch is the second biggest city in the country and we need to start acting like it."

Councillor Raf Manji sat down with Devon Bolger to discuss the future of Christchurch.

When asked about the recent discussion of the city council asset sales, Manji said if the council parts with it's low revenue shares, there's potential for rate payers to access more money.

"A while back we attempted to sell City Care - we probably should've done that, we would've been much better off. We would've been able to, and I told my councillors this, we could've started to build capacity internally, which I think a lot of other councillors are in favour of, and then still contract out the bits we actually didn't really want to be involved in."

Listen to the full podcast below for more: 

Full podcast. Episode 3- Raf Manji