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Focus on children at Save Our Canterbury Water Rally

Water Rally/Protest
Protesters outside Environment Canterbury rallying for clean water.  Maddy Lloyd

Hundreds gathered outside Environment Canterbury offices to rally to protect the region's water.

Water activists demanded the regional council protect Canterbury's rivers and aquifers from commercial interests. 

Many raised concerns about government actions and offshore companies, but a reccuring message throughout the rally was protecting our children.

Artist and activist Sam Mahon spoke at the rally, and voiced his concerns for the future of our country.

"When I grew up, every river in the country, I could drink out of. That's all been taken away by this Government and given to private enterprise. That belongs to our kids, that belongs to you," Mahon said.

"If we can distract people from the trivia of life and say this land is so important. Without this land, we're really taking kids."

A mock auction of Canterbury's last bottle of pure aquifer water took place at the rally.

A child placed the last bid. She was bidding for her heritage and right to fresh water as New Zealand child.

Event organiser Peter Richardson said given the weather, he was pleased with the turnout. He hoped the rally would serve as a reminder of the water crisis and compel them to act now to prevent a catastrophe.